Location: 8060 Mór, Velegi street 2. Phone: +36(20)977-79-94 E-mail: info@3dprogramozas.hu Certificate: MSZ EN ISO 9001:2015

From very small parts, larger products to high-precision 3D measurement..

Design, manufacture, measurement, adjustment and possible repair of inspection..

Measuring machine controlled tool and component manufacturing, CNC machining..

3d measurement, measurement technology, automotive industry
metal industry, wage measurement equipment, 3d metrology
payroll programming, measurement technician, component payroll measurement

We help you with our measurement technology and metal industry solutions!

Precision measurement services with 3D coordinate measuring machine

Our company has been operating as a sole proprietorship since 2011, Fémipari Méréstechnikai Kft. Was established as a potential supplier to the automotive industry in 2019. We continue our activities as a requirement of the ISO 9001 standard and Our air-conditioned measuring rooms have two independent programming stations (PCDMIS 2017 R1 online + offline), we can present our measuring programs, measurement-related discussions..

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